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Escort Website Designer|Dating Website Designer

You Will GetPremium Escort Website FeaturesAlong with Premium theme

All the features you would expect to have

– Email verification for the signups
– Escort slideshow
– Predefined country list in the sidebar(you can edit/delete or add your own countries)
– Profile image management
– Hide or show sections of the site that you don’t want to use
– Show/hide registration fields and choose which are mandatory
– Image verification upload where escorts upload a photo so you can verify that they are real
– Profile pages for the escorts
– Complete editing of profiles
– Premium status
– Featured status
– Verified Status

– Escort tours
– Spam protection
– Ad postings
– Reviews and star rating system for escorts and agencies
– Blacklist for clients and escorts
– Advanced search page
– Ad space on the website
– Contact forms on all escort and agency profile
– Website contact form
– RSS with all the escorts
– Website logo upload…
many more

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