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Let Tanmoy Biswas, A Web Designer, Do Magic for your Website

May 10, 2022 | Business Website Design, Ecommerce Website Design, Web Design

Looking for a web designer to help you create and design the layout of your website and its pages. Either you want a website from scratch or fix an existing one. Tanmoy Biswas can assure you of the design that meets your requirements. Listed below are some responsibilities that I can fulfill for you.

  • I plan meetings with the clients to discuss their requirements, design websites that meet their requirements, and continuously discuss progress.
  • I create sample sites for my clients. I appreciate the feedback process and improving my progress accordingly.
  • I keep myself updated with the new software and technological developments to provide the client with advanced features.
  • I also have expertise in several programming languages, including Javascript and HTML.
  • I help my clients with image editing and digital retouching.
  • I can collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team efficiently.

My Key skills

You must be thinking about why you should hire me and what personality makes me stand out among many talented web designers.

  • Before designing any website, I put my imagination into work. I listen to my client’s ideas and their website requirements and let my imagination design the best ideas.
  • Creativity must be at the core of designing because the client always requires unique design. This is what I promise. I put my imagination into creativity and design what exactly fits the demands of my clients.
  • While dealing with the clients, patience is the required quality that must be a part of every designer. So, to help my clients get desired services, I keep patience because my client’s satisfaction is my ultimate priority.
  • The quality of a good designer is that he does not miss any information and pays attention to even the minute details. I assure my clients and show them how I pay attention to their requirements.
  • Analytical skills play an important role in assuring the perfect coding and a functional website. Not to brag, but I am god-gifted with the skills to understand and analyze my client’s demands and make the changes that my client likes to see.
  • Communication skills count a lot in the success of any project. With proper communication or misunderstandings in the communication process, the project’s success comes at stake.
  • To create a user-friendly, appealing, and effective design, I have technical skills like programming languages, image editing, digital retouching, etc.
  • Being a web designer, I know about the perfect tools to do my job right. Though web designing can be done through a web browser, designing tools like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, and Adobe photoshop helps design assets, create mockups, and enhance and modify photos.
  •  SEO knowledge is very important to make sure the ranking of any website. Being an expert in search engine optimization skills, I help my clients with designing the website and know which design can help them rank their website better and keep that in mind.
  • Being a designer, I am well aware of color theory and know where and how colors should be combined to complement each other and work together. Knowledge about color contrast, saturation, and the combination of light and dark is very important for a web designer.
  • Graphic design skills add to the talent of any website designer. Likewise, I know how to create custom illustrations, hand-drawn typography, and other creative flourishes for enhancing your website designing skills.
  • Being a freelancer, I know the value of time. How even a single minute matters while working on deadlines. This is a very important skill to shut off all the other tasks and work attentively while getting rid of all the distractions.

So, when are you going to benefit from my Website designing services?


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